What Are Some Tips for Finding Old Marbles for Sale?


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Tips for finding genuine old marbles include shopping at marble collector shows, toy and game auctions or buying them from well-known marble collectors and vintage marble dealers. Read forums dedicated to marble collecting; some of these feature "for sale" sections that included detailed information about the marbles for sale. Purchase only from trusted sellers -- some unscrupulous dealers may sell reproduction marbles in place of authentic antique marbles.

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Besides antique toy sales, estate sales and marble shows, some online shops dedicated to marbles also carry old and rare marbles. LandofMarbles.com offers marbles recovered from shipwrecks and from old marble factory sites, for instance.

Read or ask about the origin of any old marble before purchase to help ensure its authenticity. Marble retailers and collectors typically know the type of marble, where it came from and its general age and gladly share this information with an interested buyer.

Compare the size, color and price of the marble with others of the same type at online auction sites or on collector's forums to ensure the marble is not a contemporary reproduction.

Some marble collector websites such as BuyMarbles.com offer detailed information about known fakes and reproductions. Buy only from well-known and trusted retailers and collectors to ensure the marbles are old.

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