What Are Some Tips to Easily Solve a Rubik's Cube?


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Solving a Rubik's cube requires the use of an algorithm or set of patterns in a specific order. The website solvethecube.com offers three different solution algorithms of varying difficulty levels specifically for the basic 4X4 Rubik's cube.

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The beginner method on the website is seven detailed steps, with an explanation of what is being done in each step and why. At the bottom of the beginner instructions is an example video showing how this algorithm is executed. The intermediate solution is only two steps that are repeated until the desired orientation of the pieces is produced. The advanced algorithm is four steps, but also shows how to deal with many different situations, since not every Rubik's cube begins with the same orientation of pieces.

Each set of instructions is extremely detailed and includes pictures of how the cube should look at each step. Website users should first look at the Notations page of the website in order to best be able to follow the instructions on the algorithm pages. At the bottom of each instructions page is a discussion forum to allow users to ask questions and assist other users in solving their Rubik's cubes. In addition, there is a tab for answers to frequently asked questions.

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