What Are Some Tips for Drying Roses?

What Are Some Tips for Drying Roses?

Some tips for drying roses include choosing a drying method, finding a well-ventilated area for the process and spraying the rose with a sealant. You need a rubber band, silica gel crystals or borax and sand, newspaper, and spray shellac.

First, choose roses for drying that are only partially open and have healthy petals. Avoid any roses with wilted petals. Next, collect the roses during a morning with dry weather to expedite the drying process. Snip off the rose at the third leaf node, and then trim away any thorns and leaves.

If you have the time, select air drying for the best shape and most effective preservation. To maintain the color, dry the roses with a desiccant or a moisture-absorption material. Only press wild roses, as this destroys the flower's natural shape.

To air dry roses, bundle the stems of a bunch together with a rubberband, and hang it by the stems in a ventilated, dark and dry area. Allow at least three weeks for thorough drying. For desiccant drying, trim all but 1/2 inch of the stem, and place the roses in an airtight container filled with 1/2 inch each of sand and borax or 1 inch of silica gel crystals. Add more desiccant until the roses are completely covered, and allow them to dry for a week. To press roses, place them on newspaper between the pages of a book.

Spray the pressed roses with shellac to help preserve them. Keep them in an airtight container in a dark area.