What Are Some Tips for Drawing Pokemon?


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Some tips for drawing Pokemon include choosing a specific Pokemon to use as the model, as well as locating a reference picture to help ensure the accuracy of proportions and features. It is also helpful to break down the image into a series of basic shapes, then slowly add details.

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The first step in drawing a Pokemon is to choose a reference picture to use as the basis of the drawing. A reference picture serves as a visual guide not only to the look and shape of the Pokemon but to its proportions and the way its body looks in a specific pose. Before drawing, the artist should examine the reference picture to understanding how its arms, legs and other appendages look in the position. Understanding positioning and perspective before beginning enables the artist to make a clear strategy for the drawing rather than picking a random spot and running into issues further down the line.

To begin, the artist should draw a shape for the head that matches the reference picture, such as an oval or circle. This acts as the anchoring element of the picture and guides the rest of the drawing. Next, the artist should sketch out the approximate position of the eyes and add a shape for the body. From here, the artist needs to check the reference picture and add additional details such as arms and to build out the body.

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