What Are Some Tips for Doll Eye Makeup?


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To achieve a doll look with makeup, one of the most important features to concentrate on is doe-like eyes, which most dolls have. For this look, the products needed are primer, foundation, blush, neutral eye shadow, a light shimmer highlight shadow, eyeliner and false eyelashes.

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Before creating this look, it’s recommended to cover the face with a thin layer of primer, which acts as a base and helps the makeup last longer and remain smooth. After the primer dries, it's time to put on the desired foundation. If necessary, a light powder can be used to set the face for longer coverage.

The makeup artist should then apply eye shadow normally to cover the eyelids. The shimmer highlighter goes at the inner corner of the eyes and just below the brow bones. Using liquid eyeliner makes drawing exaggerated eyes easier. Start with a thin line at the inner lids, allowing the eyeliner to get broader as it gets to the outer corners. If desired, the waterline can be lined with a white or nude color to increase the eye size. Next, it's necessary to apply a pair of thick and curly false lashes. Dolls have such curly and standout lashes that it's important for them to stand out in a makeup look. Finally, the artist should brush a little blush along the cheekbone to complete the look.

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