What Are Some Tips on Determining the Value of Goebel Figurines?

To determine the value of Goebel Hummel figurines, use a Goebel collector's guide to identify the current market value for the specific model of the Goebel figurine, and determine the age of the figure using maker's stamps. Look for older markings such as the full crown marking and the full bee marking.

Goebel Hummel figurines display maker's markings that identify the time period in which they were made. The full crown marking is also called the double crown marking and is carved into the bottoms of rare figurines created between 1934 and 1955. The mark resembles a letter "C" inside a circle beside a letter "W" that is within a letter "G."

The full bee marking also indicates rare Goebel figurines from the time period 1950 to 1955. The full bee marking, commonly called FB, displays a bee and has 12 variations. The stylized bee mark was used from 1960 to 1979 and shows a bee with angular wings inside of the letter "V." The bee's wings are parallel to the top of the letter.

The type of paint or glaze used on a Goebel figurine also changes its value. Look at the figurine for paint codes such as the number "11," which means the figure was made using pastel colors, and the number "83," which indicates the figure has a matte finish.