What Are Some Tips for Detecting Metal?


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Some tips for metal detecting are to learn how properly to swing your metal detector and to learn how to dig up stuff you find. Properly swinging your metal detector ensures that you give the machine time to find desired targets, and digging properly helps to keep your search efficient while minimizing the damage to surrounding soil. Another important tip for beginner metal detectors is to choose the right machine.

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Many advanced metal detector machines contain numerous settings that may overwhelm a beginner. A simpler machine helps streamline the learning process. Also, some machines are better suited to detecting in certain locations, such as beaches or under water, so it's important to consider search location.

Beginners to metal detecting should also ensure they have the proper equipment. It takes a lot more than just a metal detector and a small shovel to be as efficient as possible. Scoops are helpful for beach detecting, while knee pads, handheld pin pointers and gloves are useful for detecting metal in all settings.

Finally, it is important for beginners to set reasonable expectations. Most people find many things while metal detecting, but very few are actually valuable. In fact, most veterans still find lots of trash, which they keep until they are able to dispose of it properly.

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