What Are Some Tips for Crocheting a Shawl?

There are a variety of tips for crocheting a shawl due to all of the different styles, which include working a pattern side-to-side so that the yarn doesn't run out, using larger hooks for a lacier look and adding fringe to add length and movement. Many general crocheting tips can also apply to making shawls.

Some shawls may need the size adjusted in order to fit the wearer properly. In order to do this, the crocheter will need to have basic math skills. Experts recommend using a gauge swatch to figure out how many stitches the pattern has per inch. Once the per inch is figured out, then the crafter needs to figure out how many inches the shawl needs to be extended and add the correct number of stitches for every inch added. This can be done in reverse also, by removing the stitches per inch to reduce the size of the shawl.

Blocking a shawl is a very important tip. This is useful if the shawl is not holding its shape, or if it shrinks for any reason. If the shawl is made using natural fiber yarn, then wetting it and stretching it will give extra length and width. Pins may be needed to hold it as it dries.