What Are Some Tips for Crocheting Sashay Scarves?


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Some tips for crocheting sashay scarves are to buy more sashay yarn than you think you might need so the scarf will be full and long and to use a crochet hook that’s a comfortable size. Additionally, pick a pattern for a full scarf for which stitches don’t show.

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Sashay yarn is already knitted in a net pattern. Often it is multi-colored, and the pattern in a sashay scarf is formed by drawing up each color into a ruffle using a crochet hook. Because so much length is lost to making the ruffles, be sure you have enough yarn to make the scarf long enough for your design. You may need to double or triple the amount of yarn you buy.

Even though you don’t really have to know how to crochet to make a sashay scarf, you should still choose a crochet needle that feels right in your hand. A hook that’s either too narrow or too fat tires your hand quickly. In addition, over- or under-sized hooks can make stitches more visible and either too loose or too tight; stitches that are too loose cause the scarf to hang limp, while stitches that are too tight fray and crush the yarn prematurely.

Finally, pick a pattern that yields full, fluffy ruffles that stack up similarly to flowers in a lei, so that the scarf has about the same volume on all sides.

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