What Are Some Tips for Crocheting a Round Tablecloth?


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When crocheting a round tablecloth, use thinner thread, such as size 20, to create a tablecloth that is lace-like in appearance. Using thinner thread requires crocheting slightly tighter stitches than usual, but do not crochet so tightly that the stitches aren't easily workable. Use steel hooks that are ergonomically designed to improve the quality of the tablecloth and to prevent hand pain while crocheting, and use high-quality thread to ensure the tablecloth lasts for many years.

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To ensure the project is successful, use the hook and thread size that is recommended by the pattern. Begin the project by making the center of the tablecloth, and work outward in circles. Check the work frequently to ensure the stitches are straight and evenly tight.

When making a large tablecloth, work the upper half of the tablecloth after making the first chain, and turn the crochet so the back is facing upward. Work the second half of the tablecloth. This allows for easy removal of extra stitches.

Use a quarter-chart for a large pattern by making the foundation chain and working toward the center of the piece. After reaching the center of the quarter chart on the first row, crochet in reverse to complete the remaining rows. Repeat the process until the tablecloth is finished.

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