What Are a Few Tips for Creating Photograph Collages?

Tips for creating a great collage include choosing pictures in which the colors complement each other and building the collage around a theme. Always try to work with different sizes of pictures in a collage, suggests PicBackMan.com.

When creating a collage, be sure to take enough time to plan the different aspects. When choosing photos for the collage, pick colors that blend nicely. Colors may be arranged in patterns for a unique look.

Choose a central theme for the collage. Birthdays, weddings, vacations and sporting events make excellent collage themes. Photos do not have to be recent, but they should all, in some way, reflect a theme.

Choose various picture sizes to complete the collage. Many people choose one or two larger images and build the collage around those images. Play with the layout of these images by rearranging them.

If desired, choose a border or frame to outline the collage. Use a color that matches and complements the colors of the photos. The border or frame may also use symbols, accents, stickers or words to add extra flair to the collage.

Photo collages make popular gifts and with proper planning, one may create a collage in a few minutes. Frame the collage for an even greater effect.