What Are Some Tips for Creating a Floral Centerpiece?


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To create a floral centerpiece, hold the bouquet and turn it while adding the greenery and flowers to ensure all sides of the bouquet are equally beautiful. An option to make an inexpensive bouquet is to add a few large, vibrant flowers to a base of greenery. Rather than creating a perfect dome of flowers, allow the greenery and flowers to maintain their natural shape to create a bouquet that appears natural.

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When using big flowers, such as hydrangeas, opt for a heavy, tall vase, and secure the flower stems with a wire frog that is attached to the bottom of the vase with floral glue. Add a small amount of delicate greenery, such as clematis, to the oversized flowers to complete the arrangement.

Another option is to make an unusual bouquet by mixing multi-colored leaves with flowers in a low vase. To make a seasonal bouquet, use seasonal foliage like flowering branches or pine boughs to make the arrangement. Add contrasting textures, such as fern fronds with colorful spring flowers, to make the arrangement visually interesting.

Care for the cut flowers by changing the water every few days, and use flower food to extend the bouquet's lifespan. When making a bouquet with woody-stemmed flowers, use pruning shears to cut the stems cleanly.

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