What Are Some Tips for Creating a Computer Game?


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John P. Doran suggests that computer game makers keep up to date with industry news, plan before starting a project and play their own games. Doran works at Ubisoft and is experienced in Unreal Development Kit and Unreal Engine.

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Knowing about the latest developments in the industry is one of the keys of success when working on computer games. Computer game makers should follow the latest trends, see what succeeds in the market and shape their game accordingly. Kotatu, Destructoid, Gamasutra and VGChartz are websites that present news and data about the industry. All four websites are free to use and have discussion boards.

Planning before starting a project aids the team in both allocating their time and attention productively and marketing the game to investors. Carefully planning the project and writing detailed design documents proves to game publishers that the project is well thought out and worth funding. The documentation will also make it easier for the team to make changes to the game.

It is crucial that computer game makers play their own games, especially at earlier stages of development. Therefore, game makers should make playable prototypes as soon as possible. This helps the team find out what parts of the projects are actually fun and what parts need adjustment or removal.

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