What Are Some Tips for Crafting in "Terraria?"

Basic tips for crafting in "Terraria" include pressing the inventory key to open the menu, standing next to a crafting station and locating the crafting menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. The items displayed are ones that can be crafted with the available inventory items.

Crafting in "Terraria" allows for the creation of new weapons, tools and items. Clicking an item in the crafting list creates it, using up the ingredients required in the inventory. To craft large numbers of an item, right click and hold until an entire stack is filled. Crafted items sometimes possess modifiers, which are extra qualities an item can have. There is no way to determine if an item receives a modifier until it is crafted.

The first crafting station needed is a work bench. To craft ores into bars, a furnace and anvil are needed. A sawmill, loom, cooking pot and keg are also helpful in crafting food and clothing items.