What Are Some Tips for Craft Room Organization?


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Arts-and-crafts fans can tidy up their supply room and maximize space with cubby-style organizers, wall storage, under-shelf containers, mobile carts and drawer dividers. For example, simple shoe organizers come in multiple sizes and provide spacious cubbies for storing and categorizing items, such as fabric scraps and rolls of batting.

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Crafters with limited storage furniture can take advantage of wall space by mounting pegboards or other hanging organizers. Pegboards can be outfitted with hooks or racks, making it easy to hang common crafting accessories, such as scissors, glitter, ribbons, thread and paintbrushes, for fast access.

Mounting storage under existing shelves offers another way to organize small assorted supplies, such as buttons, in limited space. Crafters can repurpose old food jars by attaching the lids to shelf bottoms and screwing the jars on and off to reach supplies.

Mobile carts and portable containers offer flexibility for transporting supplies at home and on the go. Crafters can buy multi-tier carts or add wheels to an existing end table. A spacious lower shelf is ideal for toting a crafting toolbox or scrapbooks. Setting up plastic cups on the top tier lets crafters keep art tools organized.

When dealing with clutter, drawer dividers help crafters redistribute space to accommodate supplies of different sizes. Crafters can create neat compartments to make it easy to browse through a large collection of paint, thread, markers, art stamps, crafting scissors and other supplies.

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