What Are Some Tips for "Coin Dozer"?

What Are Some Tips for "Coin Dozer"?

Coin Dozer tips include avoiding in-app purchases, being careful about leaving the game, not ignoring regular coins and selectively using the shake feature of the game. Ultimately, not all tips work as well for all players. Players should determine which of these tips suit their personality and playing style.

Users should avoid making purchases inside Coin Dozer as much as possible because it turns a free game into a potentially costly game. Also, players who practice playing the game become better players and receive coins through normal gameplay instead of purchases.

Another tip is that users should be very careful about leaving the game. While playing, the game replenishes the player's coins approximately once every 30 seconds. When players are not playing the game, regeneration can be as slow as once per nine minutes. This slow regeneration may frustrate some players.

Players are naturally tempted by larger prizes and better coins. However, the game may present opportunities to receive multiple normal coins, and players should take advantage of these opportunities because it adds more points and gives them more strategic options when playing.

Finally, players should selectively use the game's shake feature by waiting until several major prizes and coins are on the side.