What Are Some Tips for Carving Soap for Kids?


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Some tips for soap carving for kids include having an adult present at all times, using child-safe pumpkin carving or sculpting tools, drawing the design on the soap first and carving only on dry soap. Start with a basic design and focus on how to carve rather than on the finished product.

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With an adult present, scrape off the lettering on the bar of soap using child-safe tools and a paintbrush. Wetting the area can help aid in removal. After removing the lettering, allow the soap to dry completely before continuing, using this time to sketch out a design. Trace the basic shape of the soap on a piece of paper, and design the sculpture on the outline. Cut out the stencil, and trace it directly onto the soap using a pencil, a toothpick or waterproof India ink.

Start cutting out the shape by carving off small pieces of soap in a rough outline of the shape. During this first step, don't carve directly down to the outline, but stop at least 1/4 inch from it. After roughing out the design, carefully carve down to the shape, often rotating and turning the soap for a smooth, even surface. Add the details with a toothpick, and rub the finished product to produce a polished look.

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