What Are Some Tips for Capturing a Good Picture or Image of Bowling in Action?


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Like in all sports photography, it is important to use a digital single-lens reflex camera for capturing pictures of bowling. This ensures a faster shutter speed and greater zoom capability than a point-and-shoot camera or camera phone. In order to maximize the limited light sources in a bowling alley, it is helpful to use a lens with a wide aperture and an f-stop of f/2.8, f/1.8 or lower.

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What Are Some Tips for Capturing a Good Picture or Image of Bowling in Action?
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Prior to taking photos of bowling, it is worthwhile to study the sport. Knowing what is going to happen allows a photographer to be ahead of the action and point the camera appropriately. For high-quality photos, it is helpful to zoom in. Rather than try to capture the entire bowling alley, for instance, a person can center in on the pins, the bowler, or the scoring screen.

When using the zoom feature, it is helpful to utilize a tripod or a monopod. Not only is this easier on a photographer's arms, but it also minimizes the impact of movement on a picture's focus. Moreover, using the zoom feature necessitates a faster shutter speed to avoid creating a blurred image.

A photographer's location during the game has a large impact on the quality of images, so it is wise to move around a lot to photograph different angles and backgrounds. Getting on the ground level or lifting oneself to be higher than the bowler's eyes helps create a unique perspective. It is also useful to avoid centering the subject of a photograph, instead composing the shot so the subject is to the left or right rather than middle.

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