What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Brent Pottery Wheel?

Tips for buying a used Brent pottery wheel, or any other type of pottery wheel, include knowing what type of features you want and how much you want to spend. Consider features like portability, power and quality. When purchasing a used pottery wheel, be sure to turn it on to see and hear how it runs. Find used pottery wheels online or by networking with local potters.

Although used pottery wheels are available online, find one close to your location if possible. By purchasing a used pottery wheel within your local community, you can test its functionality, speak with the owner and avoid any shipping costs.

When you've found a model you like, meet with the seller. Be sure to ask the seller about the history of the wheel and why he is selling it. Also inquire about how long the seller has had the wheel and how he obtained it. If the pottery wheel's list price seems too high, make another offer, and be open to bartering.

Commonly available used models of Brent pottery wheels include the CXC and IE models. The Brent CXC model centers 300 pounds of clay and is very durable. The Brent IE model centers 75 pounds of clay and is less expensive.