What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Billiard Tables?


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Some tips for buying a used billiard table are to examine the table in person, inspect the underside of the table to see if there is damage or evidence of repair, play a game on the table, and consider tables with newer cloth that is not overly worn. Buyers should look for quality tables less than 5 years old that are made by major manufacturers that are still in business.

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Purchasers should compare the price of a used table to that of a new table from a local pool table store or dealer. Often, a new billiard table may be slightly more expensive than a used one and come with a warranty. Buyers should also factor in the cost of breaking down, moving and setting up the table, and any repairs or cloth replacement, which may add hundreds of dollars to the price of a used table. When buying a new table, a reputable dealer may give the buyer a package price that includes delivery and setup.

Shoppers should research the manufacturer and materials used in a table rather than taking the seller's claims at face value. A table made from solid wood is more durable and stable than one made from medium density fiberboard or particle board. The thickness of the slate beneath the table's surface also affects quality, durability and play action.

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