What Are Some Tips for Buying and Selling Rare CDs?


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Tips for buying and selling rare CDs include visiting yard sales to locate obscure titles and soundtracks, and selling CDs when they are out-of-print and demand is high. Another tip for buying and selling rare CDs is to factor in online fees before deciding if a CD is worth reselling, such as Paypal fees, eBay fees and shipping fees.

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When buying rare CDs, examine the CD before purchasing it, to ensure that it is in good condition. Most used CDs have scratches, so it is acceptable to purchase a rare CD with a few scratches. Do not buy CDs that have scratches deep enough to be felt. Only sell CDs that result in at least $10 of profit. Do not sell CDs with a low profit margin, such as $1 or $2, because fees can transform low-profit CD sales into break-even sales.

Always be honest about the condition of the CD when creating your listing, or the customer is likely to end up dissatisfied and return the item. Rare CDs are collector's items, so both the booklet and the CD case are important as well. Ship each CD in its case with the booklet, and do not sell CDs with promo marks, such as a hole in the bar code or case. Be polite when handling customer complaints, such as a shipping problem that results in a cracked CD case.

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