What Are Some Tips for Buying Lladro Figurines on EBay?


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When buying Lladro figurines on eBay, ensure its authenticity by insisting on seeing the stamp. It is prudent to consider the preferred figurine type, limited-edition pieces and price. Before buying Lladro figurines, shoppers should examine the condition of the figurine and ensure that they can properly store the pieces.

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It is difficult for an untrained eye to differentiate between an authentic Lladro figurines and those made in other countries. Buyers should insist on checking a picture of logotype on the bottom of the pieces. The stamp indicates the company’s name and the country of manufacture; authentic pieces bear the name Spain as the country of manufacture. In addition to authenticity, shoppers should ensure that the pieces are in good condition by checking for any cracks, chips or color fading. To prevent damage, know how to store the pieces properly.

When determining the price and value of a Lladro figurines, it is important to establish whether it is a limited-edition piece, open-edition model or retired piece. Limited-edition pieces are produced in limited quantity and are certified as limited-edition through a certificate of authenticity. Such pieces are more valuable compared to open edition pieces, where pieces are produced in unlimited quantities. Retired pieces are treasured and are difficult to find, as they are no longer in production after retirement. Before buying, shoppers should conduct thorough research to ensure that the extra amount they may pay for the pieces is necessary.

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