What Are Some Tips for Buying a Kawai Piano?


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When buying a Kawai digital piano, pay close attention to the quality of the piano sound reproduction engine as well as the action of the piano's keys. Some Kawai pianos, such as the MP11, feature a wide variety of sounds, while others focus on accurately reproducing relatively few sounds.

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Kawai produces four categories of piano: the Concert Artist series, the CN series, the MP series and a line of full-scale digital pianos such as the CE220. The CE220 allows users to record their playing onto a USB storage device, making it ideal for practicing students and musicians.

Kawai's concert artist pianos include the CA97, which offers excellent replication of the touch and sound of an acoustic piano but does not feature a large library of other sounds. This piano also features specialized wooden-key action that accurately reproduces the feel of playing an acoustic piano.

Kawai's CN series includes the CN25 and C35. The CN25 features a responsive touch, 19 unique instrument sounds, and a pedal system designed to respond like that of an acoustic piano. The company's MP series is designed for users of professional stage pianos, with the MP11 being the flagship product. This stage piano features 12 different piano sounds and another 28 other instrument emulations, such as vintage electric pianos. Users can apply numerous individual effects and save up to 200 presets through its control panel.

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