What Are Some Tips for Buying a Cheap Pool Table?

When buying a cheap pool table, consider the size, choose a warranty option to ensure sustainability, and consider a model with an artificial surface, notes About.com and Recrooms.com. Pool tables come with different features and design options.

The size of the table dictates the difficulty, notes About.com. Expect a moderate difficulty with an 8-foot table. A smaller table can cause ball congestion, while larger tables can cause the game to take a longer time to complete. Smaller tables are much less expensive, notes Recroom.com.

Leveling a table is also a tedious task, making a warranty worthy of consideration. Green or red are common felt colors, with artificial felt the more economical purchase option. Additional embellishments, such as hardwood or marble finishes, result in a higher price. A more expensive unit oftern correlates with a longer-lasting table. Consider purchasing a caliper to balance the table when necessary.