What Are Some Tips for Building Spaghetti Bridges?


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Some tips for building a bridge from spaghetti include researching past spaghetti bridge winners, analyzing the winning designs and materials and deciding on the best type, size and materials to be used in building the bridge. Spaghetti bridges are made with spaghetti and glue; therefore, the design and type of materials are the variable factors that make the difference in the bridge's strength. Spaghetti bridges are architectural miniatures made of spaghetti or other hard noodles and are usually made for demonstrating engineering theories and other educational purposes.

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Tips on building a spaghetti bridge vary depending on the materials, the contest rules and the design. Some contests have strict material and weight requirements. One of the best tips is to practice and experiment to determine the end result of any given material. Many contests do not allow builders to make any adjustments or repairs the day of the contest.

To learn more tips on building spaghetti bridges, view online videos and webcasts of previous contests online. The University of Southern California and John Hopkins University are a couple colleges that participate in spaghetti bridge contests.

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