What Are Some Tips for Building a Paper Model?


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Tips for building paper models include taking as much time as necessary to do each part correctly, dry-fitting pieces before permanently gluing them in place, using clothespins to hold parts together when both hands are needed, and using hot glue to create the illusion of water features such as waterfalls. Other tips for paper craft include using toothpicks or coffee stirrers to spread glue and using a ruler or straight edge to make sharp fold lines when needed.

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Use only sharpened cutting devices, such as scissors and razor blades, when cutting out templates or details of a paper model. The craft knife is a handy tool for making precise cuts and comes in a variety of sizes and form factors. Never cut from a template using a craft knife or razor blade without a cutting board or cutting mat beneath the paper to avoid damaging the surface beneath it. Cutting mats also prevent the paper from sliding around, minimizing the risk of accidental cuts or tears in the template.

There are many adhesives to choose from when constructing a paper model, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. White glue is widely available, is inexpensive and is one of the most common glues used in paper craft. Hermafix is a type of adhesive that allows the crafter to move pieces around that have already been secured without causing damage to the paper. Rubber cement should be avoided as it loses its adhesive properties over time and produces unpleasant and unhealthy fumes.

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