What Are Some Tips on Bridge Bidding?


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A key tip for bidding in bridge is to arrange the cards according to suits then assign points to each card in a prescribed way. Bridge players then use that information for the opening bid.

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In bridge, the high card points are four for each ace, three for each king, two for each queen and one for each jack. Generally, players open the bidding when they have a minimum of 13 points. In choosing a trump, they should have no fewer than four cards in that suit. If the cards are evenly distributed among the suits, they can bid with no trump.

Bridge is played with a partner, and players need to make assumptions based on their partner's play. If the partner opens a bid and declares a trump, a player should assume the above minimum requirements have been met. One option is to support the partner's suit. This should only be done with a minimum of eight points in that suit. Another option is to open another suit, though this requires a minimum of eight points in the alternate suit.

The major suits are hearts and spades, while the minor suits are diamonds and clubs. If a player has two four-card suits, that player should open in the minor suit. If both four-card suits are minor, the player should bid on diamonds, which is the higher of the two minors. Spades is the higher major suit, so the player should bid on that suit first.

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