What Are Some Tips for Beginner Bid Whist Players?


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Some tips for a beginning bid whist player are to communicate with his partner, immediately play cards of the trump suit to pull his opponents' trump cards, bid to decide trump when he has enough cards in the same suit to control the game, and pay attention to the cards being played. Another strategy is to "talk trash" to rattle opponents. In bid whist, a bidding process determines the trump suit, rather than a random deal as in classic whist.

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Although a player can't directly communicate with his partner, he can indicate his strong suit through play. For example, when he is out of trump, he can play a lower ranked card of another suit to signal to his partner that he is strong in that suit.

If a player begins a round by playing trump cards, he can pull all of the opponents' trump from their hands. The player can then play his strong suit and control the game. If the player leads with his strong suit instead, an opponent may use a trump card to take the trick, then lead with her strong suit and dominate play.

Each player only gets one bid per deal. He should bid when he has five or more cards in the same suit, with at least three of them being boss cards.

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