What Are Some Tips for Beating the Game "God of War"?

What Are Some Tips for Beating the Game "God of War"?

Tips for beating "God of War" include using attacks that knock down enemies to begin combinations, using Kratos' roll move for dodging attacks and covering long distances, and killing minotaur and gorgon enemies with combinations to gain experience orbs. The player should use his experience orbs on one strength at a time.

By using attacks that knock down enemies, the player keeps those enemies immobilized, which allows him to continue the combination with additional attacks. This prevents the enemies from fighting back, and the player earns more experience orbs for killing enemies with longer combinations.

The roll move is quick, so the player can use it to dodge enemy attacks and increase the distance between Kratos and his enemies. This is particularly useful if Kratos is surrounded.

Rolling is also faster than running, but it has a small period at the end of the roll when Kratos can't move. To eliminate this, the player can follow the roll with the Hermes Rush shoulder charge move. This cancels the stun period. By performing this sequence repeatedly, the player is able to cover long distances more quickly.

Killing minotaurs or gorgons without combination attacks results in health or magic orbs. If the player doesn't need these, he should use combination attacks for the experience orbs, which upgrade Kratos' stats. Kratos improves when he levels up in a strength, so the player should use all his experience orbs on one strength until leveling up, before using orbs on any other strengths.