What Are Some Tips for Armor Games' "Kingdom Rush"?


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Some tips for tower defense game "Kingdom Rush" include leveling up range attackers quickly, building multiple barracks instead of upgrading just one and taking down heavily armored units with magic. This game is available to play online on Armor Games' official website or on mobile devices that support the Android operating system as of 2015.

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Upgrading range attackers includes both arrow and magic users. Keeping these units strong makes it easier for players to keep enemy troops at bay. This keeps the ground troops from getting overrun. On earlier enemy waves, range troops are typically strong enough to handle all of the enemies without the ground troops getting involved.

It's generally better to keep the entire route filled with barracks instead of choosing one or two to fully upgrade. In later stages, no fully upgraded barracks are strong enough to handle the onslaught of enemy troops. Players should work on building multiple barracks along the entire route first and then upgrade them as necessary.

Heavily armored units are all but invulnerable to arrows and swords. While this isn't an issue early in the game, later stages feature hordes of these heavily armored units. To avoid being overrun, players must focus on upgrading magic users to target them. Magic towers bypass all types of defense, giving players the upper hand.

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