What Are Some Tips for Arcade Game Repair?


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Some tips for arcade game repair are to consult schematics or manufacturer manuals to understand the technical aspect of the unit, and consult previous owners for original documentation or recurring problems they encountered when they owned the machine. Some other tips are to check the unit for stickers from repair shops, or find another unit with the same game from which any needed parts are transferred, such as control boards and tubes.

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If the problem is with the monitor, such as image issues, purchase a replacement monitor at an arcade parts shop or website. Arcade game owners should keep backup parts on hand, such as buttons, joy sticks or toggles, for any issues that arise from sticky or broken controllers. These parts are easy to replace, as most are removable once the controller panel board is unscrewed. Before replacing these parts, check the sensors under the controller to ensure they are depressing and releasing properly.

If the repair is aesthetic, such as the artwork on the side panels, consider hiring a graphic designer or artist to recover the panels. Find the original artwork for the game, or give the designer or artist free reign to design new artwork using the game for reference. If the repair work is too technical to repair, call repair shops ahead of time to inquire about the qualifications of the technicians. If a technician is unable to come to the shop to repair the unit, be prepared to load up the game and haul it to a reputable repair facility.

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