What Are Some Tips for "Adventure Quest"?

What Are Some Tips for "Adventure Quest"?

Tips for "Adventure Quest" include choosing classes according to character role, raising the right stats, and finding quests to complete multiple times for gold and experience. While "Adventure Quest" is free to play, purchasing a Guardian upgrade gives the player useful items and access to more features.

It's beneficial to level all tier one classes to level 10. However, after that, the player should choose classes that fit the character's role, such as the berserker class for warriors and the ninja class for rogues.

Stats in "Adventure Quest" include strength, dexterity, intellect, endurance and charisma. The most important stats vary depending on the character's role. Strength increases damage done by melee and ranged attacks, along with increasing melee accuracy, which makes this stat important for warriors. Dexterity increases accuracy on most attacks and damage on ranged attacks, making it useful for all character roles.

Intellect increases magic points and improves magic attacks, making it useful for mages. Endurance increases health points, which is important for all roles. Charisma improves pet attacks, making it most useful for beastmasters.

Luck provides a variety of possible benefits, although they don't always occur. This stat is more useful at lower levels.

Quests with higher difficulties offer better rewards. To gain experience and gold, the player should find a quest with a high reward and complete it multiple times to accumulate more rewards.