What Are Some Tips for Accessing a "Minecraft" Server?


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Tips for accessing a Minecraft server include checking the up time, checking the cost involved and making sure the version of Minecraft being loaded is the correct version for the server. Servers are mostly for playing multiplayer games or mini games.

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Up time is important because this shows how much time the server is running compared to how much time it spends down and unusable. Sometimes this factor is out of the control of the person who created the server, but players want as high an up time as possible. Playable Minecraft servers are up 95 percent or more of the time, and the best servers are up 98 percent or more of the time, notes HowToGeek.com. When these types of servers go down, it can take anywhere from minutes to weeks to get them back online, depending on the issue that has caused them to go down.

The majority of Minecraft servers are free, but many of the sites do take donations, which usually reward donors with some kind of perk depending on the amount they gave.

Players need to make sure they note the version of the game supported by the server, or they may get an error message. If this happens, players need to change the game in the profile to access the server.

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