What Are Some Tips by the ACBL to Perform Better?


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Tips by the American Contract Bridge League for performing better include bidding based on the points in a hand, leading with the longest suit against notrump contracts and leading low if the player doesn't have a sequence. The ACBL offers articles by Bridge greats on ACBL.org, as of 2015.

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The first step to determining a bid is valuing the points in a hand, based on its face cards and multiple card suits. Aces are worth four points, kings are worth three, queens are worth two and jacks are worth one. Hands with five, six, seven or eight cards of the same suit are worth one, two, three or four points, respectively.

The ACBL recommends the opening bidder pass if his hand has less than 12 points. With 13 points or more, it recommends bidding one of the player's longest suits. With 15 to 17 points, it recommends bidding one notrump, provided the hand has two or more cards for each suit.

It recommends leading with the longest suit against notrump contracts for the possibility of extra tricks. For leading, the player uses a low card unless he has a sequence of at least three cards in a row. In that case, he leads with the sequence's top card.

To read articles on Bridge strategy, visitors to ACBL.org should click Learn. On the Learn page, they place the cursor over the + symbol next to How to Play Bridge and click In Their Own Words on the drop-down menu that appears.

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