What Are Some Time Management Group Activities?

According to CYC-Online, time management for groups is different from personal time management because managers have to coordinate the activities of group members so that they can meet the goals of the group. Some group time management activities include planning for the group's activities and the regular meetings to discuss the progress of the group towards their goals. The group meetings should be conducted effectively to enhance group time management.

In order to ensure that group meetings are efficient for proper time management, groups should prepare and publish agendas for their meetings, limit the agenda items to fit the time allocated for discussion, ensure that all meetings follow their agenda and invite only the necessary people to the meeting. Groups that are handling tasks that do not have structure require a lot of creativity, so group leaders should encourage free expression of ideas. All ideas should be accepted and valued, the group should assist each other in refining ideas, shy people should be encouraged to speak up, and group members who give valuable ideas should be recognized. To increase the effectiveness of groups within organizations, leaders should reinforce the need to ask questions within the group, allow natural resistance within the group and nurture it, understanding the positive effects of struggles and confrontations within the group.