What Is the "No Time To Explain" Game?


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"No Time to Explain" is a side-scrolling video game from TinyBuild Games, released on July 17, 2015 for the Windows, Mac, Linux and Xbox One platforms. The game begins with a character sitting in his living room when a wall suddenly blows open. A second version of the character enters, saying, "I am you from the future. There’s no time to explain. Follow me!" He is abducted by a giant crab, and the first character must try to save him.

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The character's future-self leaves behind a powerful future-cannon that can be used as both a weapon and a jet pack. The player character uses this cannon to navigate the game, travelling through time and alternate universes to fight monsters, such as a giant mutant crab and a shark that shoots torpedoes, and to stop his future self from getting killed. Along the way, the character collects 60 wearable hats while trying to determine why the events in the game are happening.

"No Time to Explain" was initially a Kickstarter project, first released in the Steam game store in 2013. The original game was a success, but had some technical issues, so TinyBuild Games completely remastered it and released it as a console game with redesigned boss fights, a fresh soundtrack and local multiplayer mode.

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