How Do You Tie a Square Knot?


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Tie a square knot by taking two ends of a rope and joining them with two overhand knots made on top of each other. A square knot, or reef knot, secures non-vital loads and joins two ropes of the same width together. Make this knot in less than one minute.

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  1. Bring two ends of rope together

    Take one end of a rope, and cross it on top of another end to make an X shape.

  2. Move the top rope under

    Grab the rope end on top, and bring it behind, or under, the other rope to make an overhand knot that intertwines the ropes. Do not pull this knot too tight.

  3. Make a second knot

    After completing your first overhand knot, grab the end of rope in your right hand, and cross it on top of the end of rope to the left in an X shape. Then, fold the rope end on the right under rope end on the left to form a second overhand knot.

  4. Pull the second knot tighter

    Tug the ends of the second overhand knot until it comes to rest just above the first knot. You should be able to push all four parts of the knot apart to loosen the square knot, and then pull them together to tighten it.

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