How Do You Tie a Slipknot?


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To tie a slipknot, make two loops and decide which side you want to slip. Tighten the knot evenly, and check to see if you can adjust the loop. You need a piece of rope at least 2 feet long.

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  1. Make two loops

    Lay the rope horizontally on a flat surface. Make two loops by placing each end of the rope over the middle so that each end is pointing away from you. There is one loop on each side at this point.

  2. Determine the slipping side

    Pinch the right loop, and tuck it into the left loop from above to make the right side of the knot slip. If you want the left side to slip, pinch the left loop and tuck it into the right loop from above.

  3. Form the slipknot

    Hold the top of the loop that you placed into the other loop. Pull the other end of the rope tightly to make the slipknot.

  4. Make a stopper knot

    Make a stopper knot to keep your slipknot from pulling through when it is placed around an object. Take the end of the rope that slips, and make an overhand knot. Pull the end up through the loop, and tighten to create the stopper knot.

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