How Do You Tie a Perfect Bow?


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To create a perfect bow, take a ribbon, make two loops and use them to create the shape you desire. Adjust the center and tails of the ribbon so that the right sides face up before tightening the knot at the center of the bow.

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  1. Cut the ribbon

    With scissors, trim the ribbon to the desired length. Use a longer length of ribbon than may be necessary, so the bow can be easily adjusted, and the tails trimmed, if they are too long.

  2. Make the loops

    Fold the ribbon in half to find the center. Make a loop on each side of the center point. If the ribbon has a right side, make sure it is on the outside of the loops.

  3. Tie the bow

    Cross one loop over the other to make an X. Take the loop that is underneath, and bring it over the top loop and through the hole at the bottom of the X.

  4. Adjust the ribbon

    Before tightening the bow, turn the tails and the center of the bow so that the right sides face up.

  5. Tighten the bow

    To secure the knot, pull both of the ribbon loops. If the bow is too large or the loops are uneven, pull the tails to shorten the loops. If the tails are too long, trim them with scissors.

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