How Do You Tie-Dye Socks?

How Do You Tie-Dye Socks?

To tie-dye socks, secure rubber bands around the socks, and dip them in pans filled with fabric dye. Wash the completed socks separately from other clothes for several cycles to avoid staining other articles.

  1. Prepare the dying materials

    Cover your work surface with newspaper or a disposable plastic tablecloth. Dissolve each dye color into a disposable aluminum baking pan. Use a plastic spoon or another disposable tool to stir the dye.

  2. Prepare the socks

    Wash the socks as usual to remove any fabric coating. Run the socks under water, and squeeze out any excess. Wrap thick rubber bands around the socks to create patterns. Bands wrapped around the entire sock create stripes, and bands wrapped around only a portion create shapes. The area under the band remains white after dying.

  3. Dye the socks

    Wear rubber gloves for this step because the dye stains skin. Put on an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing from paint splatters. Dip the socks into each dye color, one section at a time. Rinse the socks under cold water until the water runs clear, and place the socks on newspaper or plastic to dry. Remove the rubber bands after the socks are dry.