How Do You Tie a Decorative Knot?

How Do You Tie a Decorative Knot?

Decorative knots have many uses, such as tying fabric for special occasions or serving as accents on other decorative pieces. While there are many different ones to choose from, a braid knot is simple enough to make while still adding a decorative flair. The only tools needed to create one are a single piece of rope with a length of your choosing, along with an attention to detail and patience.

  1. Create a loop the desired length of the knot

    Pull one end of the rope over the other end of the rope. The loop between the two ends should be the length you want the braid knot to be.

  2. Pass one end through the loop

    Hold one end of the rope, and pull it through the loop.

  3. Twist the loop

    Hold the center of the opposite end of the loop. Twist the loop once to create a second loop for the end of the rope to pass through.

  4. Pull the end of the rope through the second loop

    Holding the same end you pulled through the first loop, pull the end through the second loop that was created.

  5. Repeat the process

    Repeat the process of twisting the loop and pulling the end of the rope through the new loop until the braid knot is completed.