How Do You Throw a Card?


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Throwing a playing card involves a sharp snap of the wrist with a specialized grip to maximize spin. There are at least four grips that are effective for throwing cards: the Herrmann, Thurston, Rick Jay and Josh Hodge methods.

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The first two are traditional stage magician grips. The Herrmann involves holding the card between the middle finger and thumb, while the index finger is on the far corner of the card. Conversely, the Thurston method calls for holding the short edge of the card entirely between the index and middle fingers. The Rick Jay method is an adaptation of the Herrmann method, with the index finger resting on the inner card corner. Finally, the Josh Hodge method, useful for beginners, is a modified form of the Thurston grip; the index and middle fingers are curled, holding one corner of the card; the thumb is tucked into the palm while the two smaller fingers are below the card.

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