How Do You Get Through Victory Road on "Pokémon FireRed"?

In “Pokémon FireRed,” players complete three floors of puzzles on Victory Road. Players use Strength to move boulders in the path and move between floors 2F and 3F multiple times. The exit is on the far east side of floor 2F.

  1. Move the boulder on floor 1F

    Near the entrance of Victory Road, move the boulder to the white platform on far east. Walk up the stairs and follow the path to the ladder in the northwest corner.

  2. Move the boulder on floor 2F

    Move the boulder south of the ladder onto the white platform. Walk to the ladder on the east side of the floor.

  3. Walk to the ladder

    Go down the ladder to the west.

  4. Move the boulder on floor 2F

    Push the boulder to the second white platform on floor 2F, and follow the path to the ladder in the center of the room by the stairs.

  5. Take the ladder back down to floor 2F

    Follow the path on 3F to the second ladder, which leads to floor 2F.

  6. Walk out the exit

    The final room has an optional Move Tutor in it. The exit is in the far east of the room and is marked with the same icon as the entrance.