What Are Some Three-Player Games?


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Some three-player games include “Mickey and Friends in Pillow Fight” and “Sumo Slam Game.” Both of these games are free to play and available on arcade websites such as Y8.com.

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In “Mickey and Friends in Pillow Fight,” players take turns engaging in battle by choosing from a number of different on-screen options such as swinging a pillow, firing a water gun, throwing balloons or setting up a defense with an umbrella. They completely control the game with a computer mouse, so they have to take turns sharing the same mouse. When a player's turn starts, he has 15 seconds to choose an option. His goal is to drain the other players' hit points to eliminate them from the game.

In “Sumo Slam Game,” players take control of a sumo wrestler and do battle in real time. Players have to share the same computer keyboard to control their characters. Player one controls his sumo wrestler using the arrow keys; player two uses the W, A, S and D keys; and player three uses the I, J, K and L keys. The goal of the game is for gamers to knock off all other players and become the last sumo wrestler standing. When playing with only three human players, the computer controls the fourth sumo wrestler.

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