How Do You Thread a Dressmaker Sewing Machine?

Thread a Dressmaker 7000 sewing machine by disengaging the hand wheel, threading the bobbin, and engaging the hand wheel with the stitching mechanism. It is a fairly simple procedure that can be finished in a few minutes.

  1. Disengage the hand wheel

    Turn the clutch toward you to disengage the hand wheel. This keeps the needle from moving when you press the pedal.

  2. Thread the bobbin

    Place a spool of thread on one of the thread arms on the machine, and then run the thread through the thread guide and into one of the small holes on the bobbin. Push the bobbin winder to the right, holding the thread loosely, and slowly press down on the pedal to start the machine. The bobbin stops turning when it is full. Clip the thread, and remove the bobbin from the winder spindle.

  3. Finish threading the machine

    Push the clutch back to the left to engage the hand wheel with the stitching mechanism. With the needle all the way up, insert the bobbin case onto the shuttle stud, and ensure it is secure. Run the thread from the thread arm through the eye of the needle, and turn the hand wheel toward you to pick up the bobbin thread from the bobbin case. You are now ready to start sewing.