How Do You Thread a Bobbin on a Singer?


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Run the thread through the spool pin and the thread guide before using the bobbin tension disk and bobbin winder to complete the threading. Some Singer sewing machines have slightly different parts and a different style of thread guide.

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Make sure you have the right style of bobbin; bobbins are not interchangeable between sewing machines. Push the hand wheel inward so the needle does not move. Mount the thread on the machine's spool pin. Pull the loose end of the thread up into the thread guide, then back down through the top of the guide.

Wind the thread clockwise around the tension disk, then push the thread's end through one of the holes in the bobbin. Push the bobbin onto the bobbin winder, then push the bobbin winder to the right.

Hold on to the end of the thread, then depress the pedal and wait until the bobbin is full. You may need to engage the bobbin mechanism. Cut away any excess thread. The thread should not exceed the size of the bobbin.

A flat thread guide does not require the hand wheel to change position. Any knots that appear in the bobbin thread while sewing are generally due to the machine's top threading or needle.

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