Which Things Should I Draw While Playing Pictionary?


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The person playing should draw whatever the item on the card is. Each card has a list of various items to draw, and the player must choose one of them and draw it for his partner to guess.

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The player should be drawing objects that his partner is familiar with. It's smarter to pick a card of an everyday object rather than one with a movie or event that a partner may not have seen or known about.

The player should be aware of how his partner's mind works as well. If he is a visual thinker, the player should devote more time to clearly drawing out the object. However, if he is a person who often thinks things through in his head like a puzzle, it may be better to draw the object as a series of objects that, when added together, allow him to guess what is being drawn.

In Pictionary, there is a one-minute time limit for a partner to guess the object being drawn. This means that the player should have his drawing finished before the time limit ends. That way, the player's partner has time to guess what has been drawn. If he can't figure it out, the player has time to edit the drawing or to emphasize the parts that help his partner guess what the object is.

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