What Are Some Things to Do With Old T-Shirts?

What Are Some Things to Do With Old T-Shirts?

Old t-shirts are reused and recycled by transforming them into home decor, turning them into jewelry and creating dog and cat toys with them. A t-shirt also make excellent tote bags, braided head bands or pot holders. Other ideas are to use the material to make an apron, rosettes and flowers, hats, pillows or yarn for crocheting or knitting.

T-shirts can be turned into re-purposed clothing, such as vests, pajama pants, tunics, tank tops and halter tops. T-shirts are cut and used to decorate clothing with fringe embellishments. They can also be used to make skirts, color block maxi dresses, yoga pants, leggings or leg warmers. Add lace, flowers or bows to existing shirts for an updated and customized look.

T-shirt material is used to make clothing accessories, as well. It partners well with metal fasteners, wooden beads or other embellishments to make creative bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Another idea is to use the material to make a clutch purse, a belt or a scarf with fringe.

T-shirts that hold value or have special meaning are often turned into quilts or pillows as keepsakes. They can also be framed and hung on the wall for display.

Baby-sized t-shirts are also re-purposed into things like Christmas stockings, baby activity books, keepsake toys, wall art and wreaths.