What Are Some Things to Make Out of Popsicle Sticks?


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Some things that can be made out of Popsicle sticks include a Popsicle stick house and farm animals. All these projects require are Popsicle sticks, glue and some decorations.

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What Are Some Things to Make Out of Popsicle Sticks?
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The Popsicle stick house is a great craft project for families. To make a wall, several Popsicle sticks need to be lined up vertically side by side, with another Popsicle stick glued horizontally across the bottom and top of the vertical sticks. The vertical sticks can be cut in half to form windows and doors. Once the walls are finished, they can be formed into a house by gluing the corners together. The same process for making a wall can be used to make the roof.

Popsicle sticks can also be made into farm animals. For instance, a Popsicle-stick pig requires a Popsicle stick painted pink. Two googly eyes can be added to the top of the stick with a pink button below the eyes for a nose. The pig is then finished with two ears cut out from pink felt and glued to the top. A Popsicle-stick cow requires a stick painted white and black, two googly eyes on the top, a peach button for a nose and two black ears.

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