What Are the Best Things to Collect?


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According to "The Courier Mail," some of the best things to collect include money, stamps and bottles. In the case of collecting banknotes, a lot of money is worth more than its face value. For example, some uncirculated $50 banknotes are worth up to $7,000 if the serial number is 000 000.

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"The Courier Mail" points out that the Queensland Historical Bottle & Collectibles Club says that some explorers go diving in the Brisbane River in search of old jars and bottles. Some of these bottles are worth more than tens of thousands of dollars. One such example is an old ginger beer bottle from Australia's convict days.

According to Destructoid, video games are another good thing to collect if the collector can find games cheap by shopping around at flea markets, pawn shops, Goodwill stores and yard sales. Destructoid proved its point by showcasing a video game collection that was sold in 2014 for $550,000 on eBay. The collection was made up of 330 consoles and 6,850 games. The seller had been a collector for more than three decades, and most of the consoles were still in the original boxes, which considerably added to the value of the collection.

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